Series 41.1 – Micro RPGs with Ourselves (Pyrewaltz and Going Dark)

Welcome to the first episode of series 41, everyone! This series will be a bit different than our normal series. We will be covering two micro RPGs each episode with just Amelia and Ryan at the helm! This episode, we’re going in cold with character creation for Soup’s Pyrewaltz and Daniel Kwan and Angus Macpherson’s Going Dark, both Micro RPGs from James D’Amato’s book, The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book!

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Episode 25: Kara-Tur the Eastern Realms (Part 4)

Daniel, Makenzie, Emma, Jacky, and Michelle continue their epic quest to read through the AD&D Kara-Tur campaign setting and provide their critical insight! This time, the Government of Shou Lung! “Asians Read…” is streamed live at! Shout out to Quest for their generous support of Dungeons & Da Asians! Head to and use … Read more

Dungeons & Da Asians #9 – Is that you W’leed?

On their way to the Shimmering Badlands, homeland of the People of Bronze, our heroes travel to the town of Lie Yue to rest and learn about Dong Feng’s new powers. his episode is brought to you by Roll20 – your virtual tabletop for playing games online. Whether you need maps, character sheets, video & … Read more

Episode 21: Reflecting on Oriental Adventures and Al-Qadim

Fresh off their Gold ENnie win for Best Podcast, Daniel, Steve, and Ammar shared their experiences reading Oriental Adventures and Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures on Twitch, solutions for the harmful legacies of these products, and how to move forward. You can watch Asians Read and Critical Read live at! Shout out to Quest for their generous support of Dungeons & … Read more

Feed Drop: Dungeons & Da Asians: Episode 1

James is taking the week off, so here is the first episode of Dungeons & Da Asians from the Asians Represent team! Welcome to the Emerald Realms, a land on the brink of total war. Empress Zhouxia the Supreme sends untested political agent La Ning alongside Sky Soldier Dong Feng and Martial Artist W’Leed to … Read more