Iron Hides

Iron Hides is a fantasy weird western in which the Land is alive and deadly. Our main story follows four Dogs  on their never-ending Odyssey across a wide and varied landscape, doing their best to keep themselves and others alive, and mitigate the age old conflict between humanity and nature.

Episode 7: A Cold Reception, A Warm Welcome

With their old friend Davis in tow, the Dogs stumble upon a little town on the prairie. Hig narrowly avoids the tall grass, Emmet appreciates the finer things, Ines is a model house-guest, and Zadie dreams up a new friend. CONTENT WARNINGSExplicit Language Follow...

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Episode 6: One Problem After Another

With their first mystery closed, the Dogs face their greatest threat yet: slaphappy players on an open field. CONTENT WARNINGSExplicit Language Follow Iron Hides on Twitter: @IronHidesPod — CastJohn Wyatt “Hig” Higgins played by Michael Ben SilvaEmmett Marlow played by MahaffayZadie Marlow played by...

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Episode 5: The Chase

With the Marlow twins eager to issue swift justice, and Hig and Ines eager to just discuss the issue, Adrianna has escaped. As she is now the Dogs’ only hope to knowing if the townspeople can be helped, it’s time to give chase. CONTENT...

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Episode 4: Of Cows, Cameos, and Countdowns

Left alone with Zachary and Adrianna, the Dogs get to asking questions and try to find a rhyme or reason behind the disappearing people. CONTENT WARNINGSTrigger Warning for Gore (Vaguely Described @ 24:20 – 24:30 Explicit Language Follow Iron Hides on Twitter: @IronHidesPod —...

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Episode 3: The New Arrival

The two groups reconvene and share what they’ve found. A new arrival is visited, and Emmett takes a fall. — Note — In this episode, Paulomi introduces a deviation from the core mechanics of Monster of the Week in regards to Harm. As Keeper...

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Episode 2: A Quarry Query

In the aftermath of the sheriff’s shocking death, the Dogs search for answers and uncover that not everything was pleasant about this mining town. Inés and Emmett investigate the quarry. Hig helps Florence find love. — CastJohn Wyatt “Hig” Higgins played by Michael Ben...

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Episode 1: Up in Smoke

Hig, Inez, Emmett, and Zadie, four of the Land’s chosen Dogs, arrive in a town under fire after bolt from the blue shakes up local law enforcement. — Iron Hides is a fantasy weird western in which the Land is alive and deadly. Our...

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