Iron Edda Reforged: Season One

Iron Edda Reforged: Season One

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A New Edda, Reforged

The gods have built their corporations on the backs and bones of humans and giants alike. Across the City, each of the realms groans under the weight of their rule. They keep most people placated with trinkets, ads, and a steady diet of games and other consumable media.

You are not most people.

You and those in your neighborhood know the time of the gods is over. You are going to be the cold winds of a neon Fimbulwinter that ushers out the old world and brings in the new.

In this game, you can play anyone, be anyone who is part of the fight against the gods. Begin play with one set of characters, change focus to a different group, and tell the story of taking down the gods from any angle you choose. This is a game about the whole of the people who will topple the gods.