Episode 340 – Mystery County Was Constantinople

In part two of our 3 episode D&D arc, not only does the gang learn more about Adam’s great great great great great great great grandfather (who….kinda sucks? or does he?), they also find the goonch’s great great great great great great great grandma. More like ConstantiNOPE-L, am I right??

Episode 25: Kara-Tur the Eastern Realms (Part 4)

Daniel, Makenzie, Emma, Jacky, and Michelle continue their epic quest to read through the AD&D Kara-Tur campaign setting and provide their critical insight! This time, the Government of Shou Lung! “Asians Read…” is streamed live at twitch.tv/aznsrep! Shout out to Quest for their generous support of Dungeons & Da Asians! Head to www.adventure.game and use … Read more

Episode 21: Reflecting on Oriental Adventures and Al-Qadim

Fresh off their Gold ENnie win for Best Podcast, Daniel, Steve, and Ammar shared their experiences reading Oriental Adventures and Al-Qadim: Arabian Adventures on Twitch, solutions for the harmful legacies of these products, and how to move forward. You can watch Asians Read and Critical Read live at twitch.tv/aznsrep! Shout out to Quest for their generous support of Dungeons & … Read more

Episode 17: The Unbreakable Anthology ft. Jacky Leung & Collette Quach

Daniel was joined by Steve, Jacky Leung, and Collette Quach to discuss “Unbreakable”, a collection of Asian myth- and folklore-themed adventures written for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Each original adventure showcases vibrant and diverse Asian cultures featuring their stories, monsters, and so much more.