Character Creation Cast

Each month, Character Creation Cast creates characters for a different game with guests from the RPG world, then examines the process, in depth. They always take the time to reflect on the game, its design, and what guests have to say about it. Each series is followed by Character Evolution Cast, where Amelia and Ryan explore ideas and techniques to help players get the most out of the characters they’ve made.  

Amelia Antrim
After stepping away from gaming during college, Amelia picked it up the hobby again after listening to a few actual play podcasts. Since then, she has made it her mission to try out a variety of systems and play styles, and to explore the interactions between mechanics, setting, characters, and narrative. She is passionate about creating memorable characters and using RPGs to tell great stories. When she isn’t playing or talking about RPGs, Amelia is probably busy being a nerd about something else, like political science or Star Wars.

Ryan Boelter started playing RPGs in middle school, way back in 1993. He quickly found that it lit his imagination on fire and he was hooked. He took a break after college when friends moved away, but after discovering the joy of one shots, podcasts, and online play, he has jumped in with both feet.

Series 23.3 – Lancer with Tom Parkinson Morgan and Miguel Lopez [Designers] (Discussion)

In the final episode of our Lancer series, Tom joins us as we learn a little bit about our team, talk about the difficulty of managing a lot of options for customization and learn more about Lancer itself.

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Series 23.2 – Lancer with Tom Parkinson Morgan and Miguel Lopez [Designers] (Creation Continued)

In the second episode of series 23, we’ll be finishing up our opening discussion about Lancer, a tactics based mech combat RPG by Massif Press, with designers Tom Parkinson Morgan and Miguel Lopez! This episode we’ll be creating some amazing characters with Tom and figuring out what sorts of mechs these characters would like to...

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Series 23.1 – Lancer with Tom Parkinson Morgan and Miguel Lopez [Designers] (Creation)

Welcome to the first episode of 2020 and the first episode of series 23! This series we’ll be covering Lancer, a tactics based mech combat RPG by Massif Press, with designers Tom Parkinson Morgan and Miguel Lopez! This episode we’ll be diving into what the game is about as well as a peek behind the...

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New Years 2019 Special & ReCast – Character Evolution Cast E06 – Session Zero

This is a special episode of Character Creation ReCast where we spend an extended cold open reminiscing on 2019 and looking forward to 2020. After that, we dive into a bonus ReCast episode where we discuss what makes a good session zero and what sorts of things you need to keep in mind as both...

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ReCast – Character Evolution Cast E03 – 8 Kinds of Fun with Jim McClure

On this final ReCast episode, we delve into the Character Evolution Cast backlog to pull out our interview with Jim McClure, host of the Talking Tabletop podcast, designer of Reflections and Satanic Panic and owner of Third Act Publishing to learn about how the theory of the 8 kinds of fun can help players hone...

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ReCast – Series 2.3 – MASKS with Brandon James and Elsbeth [Protean City Comics] (Discussion)

On this special Character Creation ReCast episode, we’re going all the way back to the beginning! This episode was originally released with the launch of our podcast back in April, 2018, and our guests were the GMs from Protean City Comics where we learned about MASKS: A New Generation and learned a lot about PbtA...

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ReCast – Series 19.3 – InSpectres with Chris Foster

For this special Character Creation ReCast episode, we’re highlighting the third part of our small games series, where Amelia and Ryan were joined by Chris Foster of the Play/Test podcast to talk about InSpectres, a game about a ghost hunting start up. This episode stands well on its own, too, with creation and discussion fit...

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ReCast – Series 3.3 – Star Crossed with Alex Roberts (Discussion)

Welcome to a special Character Creation ReCast episode! December is a busy month for Amelia and Ryan, so join us on a remastered version of the discussion episode of Star Crossed, one of the four most impactful episodes that we’ve hand-picked to ReCast throughout December. If you enjoy this episode, check out the whole series...

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AcadeCon 2019 Panel – Random Characters

As we get prepped for the holiday season, this special episode takes us to our 2019 Panel at AcadeCon where Amelia and Ryan worked with the audience to create some truly memorable characters. Leave us reviews in any, or all, of these places: Character Creation Cast on Apple Podcasts (The best place to leave reviews...

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Series 22.3 – Questlandia 2 with Hannah Shaffer and Evan Rowland [Designers] (Discussion)

In the final part of our Questlandia 2 series, we discuss the process of worldbuilding, talk about designing a game made for campaigns, and chat about how our lives influence our art in our discussion episode with Hannah Shaffer and Evan Rowland, designers of the game and hosts of the Design Doc podcast, also part...

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