Puppet Strings

Let the gods quake at the sounds of your whispered plans. Let them lose sleep in their skyscrapers and citadels. Their end looms, a neon Fimbulwinter rising from those they pushed down.Ragnarok is coming, and it’s you.

Join Tracy Barnett, Alex Flanigan, Bee Zelda, and Jeff Stormer as they playtest the first season of Iron Edda Reforged! See the system develop from inception to final as the neighborhood of Puppet Strings rises up to take down Tyr!

Alex is an award-winning GM, playwright, and a published game designer, but still has yet to figure out how to start a bio. Find her on twitter at @coff33detective where he regularly posts dog pics and remains intentionally evasive about a day job in civil service.

Bee is your non binary busy bee @bee_zelda. They are a podcaster, a member of the Broadswords, the host of Anime Attache and a player in the Power Play podcast. They are a twitch streamer, they have co produced their own show on Roll20 called Indie Showcase, they host Tabletop Otaku for Origins Game fair, and they are the community manager for D&D Adventurers League.

Jeff (He/His) is an award-winning podcaster, game designer, and the (unofficial) official LARP Designer of the Olive Garden restaurant. When he isn’t making hashtag content, he enjoys watching deathmatch wrestling, petting cats, and drinking eggnog. You can find him on Twitter at @PartyOfOnePod; you may already follow him because of a joke he made about the Great Clown Pagliacci.

Tracy is an award-winning non-binary games designer, podcast and game editor, and project manager from Ohio. They have been making games for almost 10 years. They specialize in games prompted by feelings and deep with story. You can find them online, anywhere (but especially Twitter) @TheOtherTracy.

Tracy is the Narrator for Puppet Strings and  and the designer of the system behind Iron Edda Reforged.