A Horror Borealis

It’s 1996: cell phones are a fantasy, JNCO jeans are in style, and there are monsters in the American wilds. In the town of Revenant, Alaska—just north of the Arctic circle and just south of the nation’s most untamed national park—three women from wildly different walks of life must come together in the face of monstrous beasts, unsavory politicians, and their own dangerous secrets in order to unite their community and discover the truth about a magic that just might save them all. Let’s play Monster of the Week!

Andrew Giotta as Siobhan O’Shaughnessy (and composer)
Tim Woerner as Martha Campbell
Addison Peacock as Moriah Harris

Andrew has not been playing role-playing games for very long, so please be gentle.  A very busy boy, Andrew works a full-time job in addition to enjoying a variety of side projects.  When not working or playing RPGs, Andrew enjoys long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain.

An avid lover of Dada, Tim plays bassoon. A lover of art, Tim has a particular affinity for this transformative piece masterfully crafted by Ringo Starr: A Elaphant Foot. Tim doesn’t know where to begin when talking about this piece, because there’s just so much. <3 Tim

A grad student in Los Angeles, Addison is currently trying to build a full-time career out of talking into microphones. Sometimes she does funny voices, sometimes she sounds like herself, sometimes she just screams. Sometimes she screams even when the microphone isn’t on. A self-proclaimed Halloween Queen, she loves all things horror, spooky, and scary. She enjoys writing, acting, ghost-hunting, and woefully misusing her Musical Theatre degree. You can catch her as the cohost of The Cryptid Keeper, voice acting on The Nosleep Podcast, and yelling about horror movies all over this big beautiful internet.


LOSERS: A Love Story pt. 14

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before–seven Losers walk into a house…and the thing that lives there is determined to make sure they never leave. Separated, scattered, and splintered, our heroes are given every reason to turn back. What happens if they don’t?

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 12

Adrift and burdened by conscience, Bill strikes out on his own to find the last ritual object–and to close the cycle, at any cost. This is the story of the guilty and the paper boat.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 11

The Losers find their way back to each other as the events of the day settle into place. In the calm before the storm, there is light and love and a brief moment to hold happiness in their hands–but one totem is still missing. And even as our heroes remember themselves in Derry, the world...

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 10

Having reluctantly agreed to stay and fight, Richie now has to do the hardest work of his life as the search for his totem demands an honesty he’s built a career out of avoiding. This is the story of the jokester and the glasses.

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LOSERS: A Love Story part 9

As Eddie tries to retrace the footsteps of a lifetime spent running, he is forced to reckon with an identity built on fear and the bravery demanded of him for the trials to come–a bravery that someone else may have seen in him all along. This is the story of the hypochondriac and the cast.

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LOSERS: A Love Story part 8

With Bill at her side, Beverly walks toward home–confronting a violent past and the lifetime of wrong loves she’s known. This is the story of the warrior and the poem.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 7

Having survived the standpipe, Stan and Ben return to the hotel, where Ben’s fears wear a too-familiar face. This is the story of the heart and the torn page.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 6

Following Mike’s example, the other Losers resolve to retrace the steps of nearly 30 years ago to find their own totems–through whatever terrible means necessary. This is the story of the ghost and the birds.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 5

The Losers weren’t the only children to grow up in Derry. And Mike Hanlon wasn’t the only one who stayed. This is the story of the librarian and the rock.

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Alex Flanigan as Keeper / Every NPC

Alex is a human person who, despite writing words for a living, can never seem to come up with a good bio for these sorts of things. She has a very expensive bachelor’s degree she isn’t currently using and a handful of terrible puns she usually is. In the event you can ever get her to stand still for more than thirty seconds, she’d love to tell you all about her dog or the cryptids of her home state of West Virginia, and she’d love for you to compliment her on her very punk rock hair. In conclusion, she is just a (mostly) girl, standing in front of a podcast audience, asking them to love her.

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