Actual Play

Episode 332 – Racing Polls and Winter Roads

As Barb and the Knutts Brothers enter the home stretch in their race to reach Haverford, they encounter obstacle after obstacle, but lucky for them, they’re able to get a Lift. Carmen Lift.

Episode 331 – New Places, Old Faces, and Tribble Traces

Barb and the Knutts’ run into faces old and new on their STAR-studded TREK back to Haverford, but unfortunately they find themselves in a little bit of tribble.

Episode 330 – The Mystery County Monster Hunters Society

The Club isn’t the only game in town when it comes to monster hunting. There’s another game in town, the Knutts game. Well, it’s not in town right now, it’s actually out of town, but they’re headed back to town. They just have to make a few stops first and deal with a pesky nuisance in the form of everybody’s least favorite Wexler.

Episode 329 – From the Patreon Archives – What Goes Up

It’s time for your stories! Tune in to the latest episode of Superior’s hottest soap!

Episode 328 – From the Patreon Archives – Rawr, It’s Mizz Wexler

For an end-of-year treat, we open up the hallowed halls of our Patreon content and bring forth a delightful tale of a terrible creature: the Bondlegrob. This is where it all started! If you’re just joining us, check out season 2 for a whole heap of Bondlegrob hijinks.

Episode 327 – Poll-tergeist

Winter is local election season in Haverford, and that means the citizens are getting absolutely flooded with canvassers, pamphlets, rallies, and…. floods?

Episode 326 – The MBU (Miller-Butts Universe)

Adam Miller is having the time of his life getting lessons on how to be cool from his doppelganger, Adam Miller-Butts (special guest Ryan Asher). On the other hand, if he doesn’t find a way home, he’s going to become a brain without a body and the universe will end. But maybe it’s worth it if your house has multiple Mexican food waterslides?

Episode 325 – Two Many Adams, Too Little Time

Special guest Ryan Asher joins us to explore a question: why has Adam had such a hard time fixing up his robot girlfriend Genesys? The answer, as it turns out, involves a whole lot of universe hopping and coming face-to-face with the scariest thing of all: a popular Adam Miller.

Episode 324 – Double Dribble

Is it Fallentine’s already? It’s a shockingly monster-free celebration of love and the autumn harvest at QLSGG and we Doubt fire or shattered backboards could quash the good vibes. Although… someone is about to try their absolute quashiest to do just that.

Episode 323 – You’ll Always Be My Furby

While the Knutts “Brothers” save the world yet again, Mizz Wexler’s conspiracy board of the Club’s romantic entanglements is laid bare. As is Shamanda’s endurance as an Empath, Krashlee’s flirting technique, and Adam’s relationship with the postal service.