Warda is an original fantasy world built upon the rich aesthetics of the Edwardian era. It combines themes of social hierarchy, multiculturalism, modern invention, magic, adventure, mystery, romance, and even noir motifs to create a delectable, dazzling realm featuring an endless array of possible stories and characters. Warda is an actual play podcast and a fiction project created by Aly Grauer and Drew Mierzejewski, featuring different game systems (FATE, Blades in the Dark, Star Crossed, etc.) and different casts of performers portraying characters across different spans of time in the great walled city of Ammingrad. Join Aly, Drew, and their extraordinary performers as they delve into the world of Warda in search of triumphs, struggles, love, and truth. The city holds thousands of stories… what will yours be?

Drew Mierzejewski

Aly is a writer! She has several short stories out in the wild, and she published her first novel, “On The Isle of Sound and Wonder,” in 2014. She co-hosts a podcast with Mel Fox about stuff that makes people super happy called Get Hype! She records audiobooks and occasionally does voice over for other things. Her game “Sidewalkia!” was a winner of the 200 Word RPG Challenge in 2018. She’s married to Drew, and they live in Orlando with their cats Queen Felicia and Wedge.

Drew is a longtime GM and RPG enthusiast. In 2017 his game “Happily Ever Maybe” was a finalist in the 200 Word RPG Challenge. He has several other RPG works-in-progress that he tinkers with, and enjoys playing a wide range of video games. He writes freelance for Shadowrun (yes, that Shadowrun!). He’s a stage combatant who holds an MFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University and he’s full of good ideas, including getting married to Aly.