Mystery County Monster Hunters Club

Episode 309 – Threat Level Disco

Krashlee’s relationship gets a little darrk, Adam loopholes a cosmic ban, CEJ and Susan get very little done, Shamanda goes Mad Max, and Evan won’t be back until he becomes what’s needed, when he’s needed.

Episode 308 – Ghost in My Body and a Baby on My Shoulder

As the Club continues to work to solve the mystery of why adults are getting younger, Shamanda gets high, Krashlee gets hangry, CEJ gets huffy, Adam gets hot, and Susan gets until the count of three before TIME OUT.

Episode 307 – Wall Flowers and Other Dance Hall Party Monsters

The Club slowly pulls themselves together to convene at the raging Dojo party, only to finally discover the source of their youth-anizing problem.

Episode 306 – Judged By An Angel

Dealing with the angelic consequences of your human actions can be such a chore. Featuring special guest James D’Amato!

Episode 305 – Rude, Prude and Full of Attitude

As Susan continues to de-age, the Club’s main focus shifts to a sure-fire way to contain the new youths: a boy-girl party, hosted at the Dojo. And no party is complete without the world’s most special DJ.

Episode 304 – What’s My Age Again? (Seriously, What Is It?)

Responsibility and maturity change hands as the Club finds itself dealing with an increasingly juvenile Susan. Shamanda returns to the dojo and meets a new “helper”, while Krashlee finds support in the most unlikely of places–and it ain’t Canada.

Episode 303 – Forever Younger

With the fair finally winding down, the Pie-athlon is upon the gang–but it wouldn’t be much of a field trip without the Club stirring up some drama between themselves and a few random strangers. Random strangers who seem to have their own curiosities at hand…

Episode 302 – He’s All That and a Cup of Cotton Candy

Barley’s basically barreling towards a blaring barbecue of ‘barrassment–and he’s barely hanging on. Krashlee still thinks he’s the hottest guy in Mystery and she may be right in the worst sort of way. Fortunately CEJ and Adam are here to help–with a quick trip to the toilet.

Episode 301 – Fire Festival 2006

Afresh new season in a weird old town! The kids and Susan arrive in Mystery, the weirdest kept secret of Superior. The fair seems fun enough at first even while ironing out Shamanda’s new relationship dynamics. But then things start heating up. Literally.

Episode 255 – Flashback to the Future

After an innocent day of games finds the club up a creek without a paddle, they pass the time by swapping stories about what they’ve all gotten up to over summer break. You know, like that time they went to Branson? You remember that, right? Classic episode. Definitely happened.