Series 20.3 – Heart with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor [Designers] (Discussion)

In the final episode of series 20, and we welcome back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, designers of Heart, to talk about the character creation process, their hopes for the game, and the reasons behind the design choices they made. Amelia also gets to talk about jello and sand again.

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Series 18.3 – Descent into Midnight with designers Richard and Taylor (Discussion)

On today’s episode, Series 18 wraps up with Descent into Midnight, a Powered by the Apocalypse game designed by Richard Kreutz-Landry, Taylor LaBresh and Rich Howard. We welcome back Richard and Taylor this episode and plunge into the deep end to discuss the character creation process and even delve into some fanfic with our own characters.

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Series 17.3 – Mouse Guard 2E with Charlotte and Megan [Tabletop Potluck] (Discussion)

On the last episode of the 17th series, Megan Scharlau and Charlotte Elena from Tabletop Potluck join us to discuss the character creation process for Mouse Guard, a cute as heck RPG from The Burning Wheel, where you play as super adorable mice people in a medieval, semi-fantasy setting.

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Series 16.3 – Hearts of Wulin with Lowell Francis [The Gauntlet] and Agatha Cheng [Asians Represent] (Discussion)

This is the final of the 16th series, and we’ll be discussing Hearts of Wulin, a Powered by the Apocalypse wuxia RPG with creators Agatha Cheng from the Asians Represent podcast and Lowell Francis from The Gauntlet podcast. We are also joined by a guest co-host, Adira Slattery, fellow One Shot Network individual from the A Woman With Hollow Eyes twitch stream and podcast.


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00:00:00 – Announcements

00:03:16 – Introductions

00:14:17 – D20 for your thoughts?

00:22:52 – How does character creation in this game stack up against others?

00:31:03 – How do the mechanics of character creation reinforce the feel of Hearts of Wulin?

00:35:41 – How does character creation set a player’s expectations for playing a session?

00:37:17 – Biggest flaw?

00:44:36 – What was it like designing within the PbtA framework?

00:52:45 – What themes did you want to incorporate in this game?

00:59:02 – How would this group fair in a typical game? / Fanfiction

01:07:27 – How does this game lend to character development?

01:11:54 – Take it up a level!

01:17:24 – Episode Closer

01:21:51 – Show Blurbs


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