52. What to Do When You’re Sick of Your Game

Hannah and Evan discuss how to repair their relationship with a game they’ve spent a year struggling to complete.

50. Dispatch from an on-time timeline

Hannah and Evan salvage an episode about being on time with an upcoming game, and publish it in a world where they were not on time.

Intro/outro theme: by Pat King.

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42. The Episode Before the Kickstarter

We’ve had seven years to think of a good pitch for our game. Now, we’re Kickstarting Questlandia again and we’re finally figuring out the pitch that feels right. In this episode we talk about the impending Kickstarter for a new edition of Questlandia, and just how hard it is to find a genuine voice when speaking to the internet.

The Questlandia updated and expanded edition Kickstarter is live! You can check the campaign out here: 

39. Shootin the shoot

Hannah and Evan shoot the shoot about games, being in the weird middle space of a project almost being done, and launching lucrative YouTube careers.

38. How to Compare Roleplaying Games

Hannah and Evan talk about the quest to thrive in the shadows of the world’s most popular RPGs. An episode about how to compare your games to the big ones, for the good.

37. Deluxe Edition

Hannah and Evan discuss the trials and tribulations of offering a “deluxe” version of a game on Kickstarter.

36. Everything Old Is New Again

We sold out of Questlandias, and have decided to revamp it for the next print run! In this episode we talk about returning to our first game.

35. Scopeful Optimism

We talk about what makes a game’s scope big or small, why Q2 has taken so long, and all the projects we’ve made in the meantime.

30. Breaking up With Character Creation

Character creation in Questlandia 1 lasted two hours. Character creation in Questlandia 2 is five minutes. What changed?

Series 22.3 – Questlandia 2 with Hannah Shaffer and Evan Rowland [Designers] (Discussion)

In the final part of our Questlandia 2 series, we discuss the process of worldbuilding, talk about designing a game made for campaigns, and chat about how our lives influence our art in our discussion episode with Hannah Shaffer and Evan Rowland, designers of the game and hosts of the Design Doc podcast, also part of the One Shot Podcast Network!

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