Series 16.3 – Hearts of Wulin with Lowell Francis [The Gauntlet] and Agatha Cheng [Asians Represent] (Discussion)

Series 16.3 – Hearts of Wulin with Lowell Francis [The Gauntlet] and Agatha Cheng [Asians Represent] (Discussion)

Show Notes

This is the final of the 16th series, and we’ll be discussing Hearts of Wulin, a Powered by the Apocalypse wuxia RPG with creators Agatha Cheng from the Asians Represent podcast and Lowell Francis from The Gauntlet podcast. We are also joined by a guest co-host, Adira Slattery, fellow One Shot Network individual from the A Woman With Hollow Eyes twitch stream and podcast.


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Agatha Cheng

Lowell Francis

Adira Slattery


00:00:00 – Announcements

00:03:16 – Introductions

00:14:17 – D20 for your thoughts?

00:22:52 – How does character creation in this game stack up against others?

00:31:03 – How do the mechanics of character creation reinforce the feel of Hearts of Wulin?

00:35:41 – How does character creation set a player’s expectations for playing a session?

00:37:17 – Biggest flaw?

00:44:36 – What was it like designing within the PbtA framework?

00:52:45 – What themes did you want to incorporate in this game?

00:59:02 – How would this group fair in a typical game? / Fanfiction

01:07:27 – How does this game lend to character development?

01:11:54 – Take it up a level!

01:17:24 – Episode Closer

01:21:51 – Show Blurbs


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