Ep 5 – Re-envisioning Cyberpunk ft. Banana Chan

Are there problems with the current state of cyberpunk? Daniel and Agatha sat down with TTRPG/LARP designer Banana Chan to discuss the past, present, and future of the cyberpunk genre. If you have questions about this episode’s theme, the games discussed, or anything else related to Asians Represent, get in touch with us on Twitter/Instagram … Read more

74. James Mendez Hodes

James Mendez Hodes is a Filipino-American writer, game designer, cultural consultant, and martial artist who knows which kind of sword Alex should use. If you’re curious about Heian or Sengoku period Japan, or about playing other cultures or historical periods in general, listen in! Consider this a companion piece to an upcoming episode of ONE … Read more

4. Laura Simpson

Designer and artist Laura Simpson chats with Alex about too many things to list! Highlights include her upcoming game Companion’s Tale, designing in community, and pretending to be a vampire on the internet. If you remember what a MUSH is, you’re in luck.