Series 41.3 – Micro RPGs with Ourselves (Heartbeats and Post-Match Interview)

Welcome to the final episode of series 41, everyone! This series will be a bit different from our normal series. We will be covering two micro RPGs each episode with just Amelia and Ryan at the helm! This episode, we’re going in cold with character creation for Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis’s game Heartbeats and James Mendez Hodes’ game Post-Match Interview, both Micro RPGs from James D’Amato’s book, The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book! Then stick around for the outtakes at the end!

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308. Hearts of Wulin Part 3

The tournament has come! Has Gentle Wu lost himself to the Hungering blade? Will Yishan manage to clean the books in time? How will Puja deal with knowing the truth of Wu’s feelings? HEARTS OF WULINKickstarter HELP OUR PEOPLEDonate to CaseyDonate to DrewDonate to Jef BUY MY BOOK!Amazon Pre-OrderBarnes and Noble Pre-Order TWITCH SCHEDULETwitch PageYoutube Archive … Read more

74. James Mendez Hodes

James Mendez Hodes is a Filipino-American writer, game designer, cultural consultant, and martial artist who knows which kind of sword Alex should use. If you’re curious about Heian or Sengoku period Japan, or about playing other cultures or historical periods in general, listen in! Consider this a companion piece to an upcoming episode of ONE … Read more