Skyjoust: Episode 2: Burning Tails

Skyjoust: Burning Tails

Torikoshi and Valkyrie evaluate the skills of their new recruits. There is hope for the Burning Tails this year but Torikoshi struggles to see it from underneath the shadow of his new responsibilities. June and Braith have trouble adjusting to the training and high-strung captain. CONTENT NOTES A teen struggling in a high pressure situation … Read more

Skyjoust: Episode 1: Burning Tails

Skyjoust: Burning Tails

Torikoshi Honda has just been promoted to team captain of The Buring Tails fledgling league jousting team. He dreams of impressing his grandmother and finally getting a win for the Burning Tails school, but the team they thought they had fell apart. Now he and his coach Divya have to scramble to train new recruits … Read more

Starwhal Odyssey: Preview

Deep in space, the cosmic metropolis of Caldera is home to many strange folk from far reaches of the universe. The residents of the tenement above the Lucky Fin restaurant: Ty- a chill Keeper of the Vibe, Petronilla- a young, exhausted, and aimless pottimus mercenary, Harker- a talented and underappreciated master chef running from his … Read more

Tales from Spéir: The Crown of Grünschenk

A barkeep in the forest town of Grünschenk offers a young Skyjack a tale as a warning against trusting one Luminary to protect you from another. CONTENT NOTE Horror, heartbreak, suffering, cold, starvation, injustice Written by… James  D’Amato Read by… Aly Grauer Featuring… James  D’Amato Editing… James D’Amato Cover by… Sable @knifepatron

433. Babes in the Woods Part 5

With one of the fiend’s shadows ruining everyone’s birthday or kids have to scramble to save the day. Unfortunately the unattended grills make problems worse as the docks catch fire.  Luckily Freja has the brilliant insight to look to the moon for help. BABES IN THE WOODS Buy it here! THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG BOOK … Read more

432. Babes in the Woods Part 4

It’s everyone’s birthday! Or at least it is in this weird party. With “hotdogs” abound Oswald is intent on everyone joining the festivities and he isn’t above using deception to do it. everyone seems to keen to go along, especially since two members of the group have recently been targeted by the fiend. Luckily for … Read more

429. Babes in the Woods Part 1

Bjorn and Freya are two children dressed for Halloween who find themselves lost in a strange and seemingly endless wood. After coming upon a clearing that seems to be full of mountains of trash. It’s hard to imagine they’ll find anything useful or friendly here, but the woods have a way of surprising people. BABES … Read more

Skyjacks: Post N’Goni Behind the Sails Part 2

The discussion continues as James, Liz, Tyler, and Johnny answer listener questions! We discuss the potential for a BIRDS musical, James expands on the fine arts culture originating with freelancer Cher P.’s Silver Chalice, and we do a little impromptu worldbuilding.  Special thanks to Anansi O. Tempest for creating the concept for N’Goni. WORLDBUILDERS SKYJACKS … Read more

Skyjacks: Post N’Goni Behind the Sails Discussion Part 1

James sits down with Liz, Tyler, and Johnny to discuss their experiences making Skyjacks, with special attention paid to the most recent Nordia and N’Goni arcs. We start off talking about our favorite moments and surprises and dig deep into our process on approaching character stories. Special thanks to Anansi O. Tempest for creating the … Read more