437. Captain My Captain: Box of Secrets Part 2

Both the crew and captain of this ship engage in increasingly morally questionable behavior. It becomes unclear what the captain wants or who, if anyone, he is loyal ls to. His plan is revealed in the foolish impatience of his closest followers. CONTENT NOTE Pretty wild deception and abuse by a person with power, death, … Read more

433. Babes in the Woods Part 5

With one of the fiend’s shadows ruining everyone’s birthday or kids have to scramble to save the day. Unfortunately the unattended grills make problems worse as the docks catch fire.  Luckily Freja has the brilliant insight to look to the moon for help. BABES IN THE WOODS Buy it here! THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG BOOK … Read more

430. Babes in the Woods Part 2

After Bjorn has a bad time in the woods, the group emerges into a strange outdoor bizarre that is actually kind of like T*rget. If they sold life events, personality traits, and physical/mental characteristics. Exactly the sort of shopping trip every growing child and hotdog-seeking trash animal needs! CONTENT NOTE Cannibalism, mention of neuroatypical statuses … Read more

427. Wanderhome Part 2

Mooch and Nisha spend some time talking to a flower while the rest of the party make their way to The Watering Hole- a tavern at the bottom of a sinkhole manufactured by beavers in the center of a lake. WANDERHOME Buy it here! Possum Creek Games Sleepaway IRON EDDA REFORGED PODCAST Kickstarter Preview Feed … Read more

424. The Price of Coal Part 3

Workers in an Ohio coal mine strike to protest their conditions. This excites the West Virginia workers who are hungry for a movement. However, the companies are attempting to pull scabs amongst the West Virginia miners with promises of extra work and money. It is a critical moment and they need to band together and … Read more

422. The Price of Coal Part 1

Jennifer Adcock leads James, Beaz, Paulomi Pratap, and Alex Flanigan through character creation for The Price of Coal. They create the residents of a small Appalachian mining town who have some extremely tangled lives and desperately need better treatment at work. CONTENT WARNING Extreme tragedy, violence, abuse by employers, disease implied sexual harassment, implied racial … Read more

417. Sentinel Comics Part 5

Our heroes continue their dramatic final confrontation with some of the world’s most dastardly villains. However, each villain they defeat seems to be reduced to harmless inanimate objects just like their previous confrontation. This begs the question: Are any of these fights real? Is it even possible to defeat the person behind this and return … Read more

416. Sentinel Comics Part 4

Our heroes receive a warning from a giant disembodied eye to “stay out of its affairs.” Strangely, they choose to ignore that warning. The rush to confront the masked figure trying to rewrite reality for San Lasuras— as it appears to be transforming back into San Alonzo. SENTINEL COMICS RPG Buy it now! THE ULTIMATE … Read more

414. Sentinel Comics Part 3

Our heroes continue their battle against these dark-mirror villians! Not only do they fight to protect civilians diner, they pay the bill for themselves and their enemies, leaving a very generous tip just to prove a point. After the battle realize that this attack was part of a coordinated effort to support the plan of … Read more

413. Sentinel Comics Part 2

Our heroes Solid Gold, Draculese, BC, and Savant clash with a group of villains Fable, Liquid Steel, AD, and Dimwit who seem to have powers handpicked to counter them. To make matters worse, this battle is starting inside The Midtown Diner with plenty of civilians and property to suffer collateral damage. They also have no … Read more