Series 36.3 – Tension with Adira Slattery [Designer] (Discussion)

Welcome to the final episode for series 36! We welcome back Adira Slattery and discuss the character creation process for her new game, Tension, a queer cat and mouse game for 2 players! Amelia had to sit this series out, but this episode, Ryan and Adira get into some great discussion and some really amazing fanfic that Ryan can’t stop thinking about! Join us for the finale for the most condensed character creation series to date! Read More

Character Creation Spotlight – The Creatensive Character Zine with Izzy (Praxis Descends)

Welcome to a special bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! Today we’re highlighting Izzy, aka Praxis Descends, and her new character building resource, The Creatensive Character Zine, kickstarting right now! Find out about this very cool resource as well as see how one of the exercises works with one of Ryan’s latest characters from the last Series! Read More

Character Creation Spotlight – Princess World with Kevin Petker

Welcome to a special bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! Today we’re highlighting Kevin Petker and his game, Princess World! Find out about the game in this abridged format, including us creating a princess, and get pumped to back this amazing kickstarter happening right now! Read More

Series 21.2 – Ross Rifles with Daniel Kwan and Patrick Keenan [Designers] (Creation Continued)

Welcome to the second episode of series 21, everyone! Today we welcome back Daniel Kwan and Patrick Keenan from Dundas West Games to finish creating characters for their new game, Ross Rifles, a World War 1, Powered by the Apocalypse RPG, kickstarting right now!

Read More

Character Creation Spotlight – Glitter Hearts with Greg Leatherman

Welcome to a bonus Spotlight episode where we interview Greg Leatherman to discuss his kickstarter for his new game, Glitter Hearts, a Powered by the Apocalypse game that emulates the magical girl types of genre!

Read More

Character Creation Spotlight – CAPERS Covert with Craig Campbell

Welcome to a bonus Spotlight episode where we interview Craig Campbell from Nerdburger Games to discuss his latest kickstarter, CAPERS Covert, a supplement for CAPERS that adds some great super spy action to the CAPERS system.

Read More

26. Your Kickstarter Questions (Mostly) Answered

We’re answering listener questions about running a Kickstarter!

Episode 3 – Learning Through Play (part 2) ft. Derek Chung

Daniel and Agatha sat down with game designer Derek Chung to discuss Emberwind and the uses of tabletop roleplaying games in therapy!

Learn more about Emberwind at and Derek’s other work at

Back Emberwind on Kickstarter until Dec. 16 at

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Music: Intro: Good Vibes by DJ Quads
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90. Phoenix Dawn Command

In a world imperiled by a hungry darkness the guiding light is the flame of the Phoenix. A unit of elite Phoenix guards is dispatched to investigate a potential attack on one of their flame keepers. It is a matter of grave strategic importance. Failure to defend the flame could spell disaster for the region and threaten the already weakened order.

48. Time Watch Part 3

It’s save the universe time as the brave agents of Time Watch discover the dark meaning behind the Seven Wonders of the world. The fate of the current timeline is with them. Can our heroes save the earth? Can Carmen San Diego be trusted? Is Mace Hunter/Skegg going to be a thing!?