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54. Packed With Care (Part 1)

Hannah and Evan talk about packing and shipping games. You won’t want to miss this thrill ride, heroes!

53. Actually Selling Our Games

We made the games, now we have to sell them. Hannah and Evan talk about something they’re good at: making new games. And something they’re bad at: confidently sharing those games with an audience that might like them.

52. What to Do When You’re Sick of Your Game

Hannah and Evan discuss how to repair their relationship with a game they’ve spent a year struggling to complete.

51. FLETs (Fiddly Little End Things)

Hannah and Evan talk about the fiddly little end things that make a project go on, and on, and on much longer than you expected.

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50. Dispatch from an on-time timeline

Hannah and Evan salvage an episode about being on time with an upcoming game, and publish it in a world where they were not on time.

Intro/outro theme: by Pat King.

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49. Imperfect Inspiration

Perfect media is untouchable. Hannah and Evan talk about instead using flawed, goofy movies and books for creative inspiration.

48. Bad lo-fi game ideas to study or relax to

Hannah reads you a game ideas to-do list for 30 minutes.

47. Underdressed and over-diced

What’s the right tone for the rules of a roleplaying game? Evan and Hannah talk about that weird dance between too casual and too formal. Also, what happens when you add too many dice?

46. Kudos Conundrum

In this episode, Hannah and Evan talk about the self-consciousness that comes when you grow up and are told you must make things for serious reasons. How does one escape that self-doubt? Enter…bad comics! Enter…fanfic!

Intro/outro theme: Pat King

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45. Rekindling the Flame

How do you reignite the passion for an old project? Hannah and Evan talk about returning to Starship UltraLux and strain to apply a spaghetti metaphor.