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Welcome to a bonus Spotlight episode where we interview Craig Campbell from Nerdburger Games to discuss his latest kickstarter, CAPERS Covert, a supplement for CAPERS that adds some great super spy action to the CAPERS system.

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Guests and Projects:

Craig Campbell @NerdburgerCraig


  • 00:00:00 – Announcements
  • 00:02:29 – Introductions
  • 00:05:16 – What’s in a game?
  • 00:08:36 – What sort of characters can you play in the base game?
  • 00:12:48 – Steps of character Creation
  • 00:18:59 – What does CAPERS Covert add?
  • 00:23:43 – Kickstarter Information
  • 00:26:11 – Anything else?
  • 00:26:55 – Closer
  • 00:29:48 – Show Blurbs (The Broadswords)


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