437. Captain My Captain: Box of Secrets Part 2

Both the crew and captain of this ship engage in increasingly morally questionable behavior. It becomes unclear what the captain wants or who, if anyone, he is loyal ls to. His plan is revealed in the foolish impatience of his closest followers. CONTENT NOTE Pretty wild deception and abuse by a person with power, death, … Read more

436. Captain My Captain: Box of Secrets

James invites Cassie, Gliza, and Brandy aboard a struggling pirate ship with a captain who has strange powers and a strained relationship with honesty. His crew ranges from nieve, to opportunistic and reprehensible. However, they are all desperate. HELP CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN FIND A PUBLISHER Join the Mailing List! BUY OSN BOOKS PRE ORDER The … Read more

435. Decaying Orbit Part 2

The station AI continues to compile data revealing startling irregularities with the experiment that resulted in human casualties. Station managers scramble for solutions as corporate protocols put in place to aid the crew only add to the stress of workers. Will the final transmission save everyone or at least prevent this problem from happening again? … Read more