Skyjacks: Episode 142

Jonnit shows Teacher Wei his life in Akaron around the time his mother disappeared and the way his father handled the loss and a struggling farm. Travis, Gable, and Orimar encounter The Rusalka who offers them useful information in exchange for varying favors. They must decide if it is wise to take bargains from the … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 141

Travis catches up with his old friend who some might say he shares far too much in common with. Orimar tries to be patient through this reunion knowing that the cutting stone is at their backs. Gable arrives to confront Rusalka and discovers many familiar faces that they were not expecting to see. CONTENT NOTE … Read more

Skyjacks Interlude: Broker Youngblood Negotiation Part 2

The Broker and Remmington Youngblood continue their negotiation. The Broker continues a risky gambit, sharing valuable intelligence in an effort to drive a wedge between the Youngbloods and their long-time allies: The Red Feather Syndicate. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: reference to  violent murders BEN  MEREDITH Rusty Quill Gaming The Magnus Archives Stellar Firma THE ULTIMATE RPG … Read more

Skyjacks Interlude: Broker Youngblood Negotiation Part 1

While the Uhuru charts their course away from N’Goni, clouds gather over Burza Nyth. The Broker holds an audience with the head of one of the most powerful privateer companies in all of Spéir: Remmington Youngblood. These two are on the brink of open conflict following the events of The Uhuru’s adventures in Burza Nyth. … Read more

407. Event Planning in Zero G Part 2

Planning continues. Even if the event planners struggle to reign in their vision to fit any kind of reasonable budget, they are all agreed on a very simple core message: IT’S A MOLTING. JENN MARTIN Twitter Bully Pulpit Games BEN MEREDITH Twitter Patreon TIM MEREDITH Twitter Patreon WE ARE THE DUNGEON STREAMS! May 18 – … Read more

406. Event Planning in Zero G Part 1

Event planning is never easy. Event planning for a double-booked megatube space station where five different alien species (one of which is very tasty) all have to get along? Well, you can imagine. Meet the species and find out what starts to happen with grand ambitions meet the constraints of space and budget! BEN MEREDITH … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 44.5 Youngblood Interlude

Just a few miles outside of the Red Feather jewel city of Aurum the Youngblood estate has just received word of Tiberius’ demise. Remington Youngblood, current family patriarch, enlists the aid of his strongest ally to plot his response. City of Aurum created by Amina Du Jean. BEN MEREDITHStellar FirmaRusty Quill GamingThe Magnus Archives MUSIC“Division” … Read more