Starwhal Odyssey: Preview

Deep in space, the cosmic metropolis of Caldera is home to many strange folk from far reaches of the universe. The residents of the tenement above the Lucky Fin restaurant: Ty- a chill Keeper of the Vibe, Petronilla- a young, exhausted, and aimless pottimus mercenary, Harker- a talented and underappreciated master chef running from his … Read more

Tales from Spéir: The Crown of Grünschenk

A barkeep in the forest town of Grünschenk offers a young Skyjack a tale as a warning against trusting one Luminary to protect you from another. CONTENT NOTE Horror, heartbreak, suffering, cold, starvation, injustice Written by… James  D’Amato Read by… Aly Grauer Featuring… James  D’Amato Editing… James D’Amato Cover by… Sable @knifepatron

Skyjacks: Post Akaron Q&A

James answers listener questions after the Akaron arc of Skayjacks. SKYJACKS: CALL OF THE SKY SKYJACKS SETTING ZINE BLACK LIVES MATTER Find And Donate to a Local Bail Fund MAILING LIST If you want to be notified about our upcoming soundtrack, setting information, games, live shows, or anything else related to Skyjacks, join our mailing … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 163

Orimar and Sifa reunite for a quiet moment amidst the Gobblenacht festivities. The Captain shares the new direction of his grand ambitions and the Bandit Queen cautions his pursuit. In the second half, James breaks down the now-finished arc! CONTENT NOTE Broken relationships, discussion of the arc’s characters and themes including separated families, absent parents, … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 162

Gable helps Travis open some mail. The Kessler family reels from the news that their family was not destroyed but simply fractured. Everyone stands between a painful past and a fraught future trying to find the strength to keep moving. CONTENT NOTE Trauma, extreme anxiety, extreme guilt, separated family, absent parent, capitalism/colonialism forcing a family … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 161

After the running of the turkeys, Jonnit and Zannah complete their coming-of-age ceremony to discover a long anguished secret. Travis receives a letter from Margaret, a large duck, a letter for Gable, and mysterious oddments from an old friend. CONTENT NOTE Extreme guilt, separated family, being failed by a parent, arguments, heavy family tension NETHER … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 160

Gobblenoct begins in earnest with the running of the Turkeys. Jonnit and Zanah run alongside Orimar and Douglas towards adulthood and their futures. Someone arrives during the festivities with a very important message for Travis. CONTENT NOTE dangerous coming of age ceremonies,  kids growing up feelings, taking kid to a bar, if you don’t know … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 159

Zannah arrives and everyone starts to wind down from the intensity of the Red Feather attack. Gable scolds Travis for being careless and putting Jonnit’s ambitions at risk. The Kessler siblings take a moment to discuss the tension surrounding their sibling rivalry. Douglas takes a moment to think about his babies growing up. Then everyone … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 158

The Captain and his council help Douglas Kessler dispatch the Red Feathers but after the fighting ends tension begins to ramp up. Hip is seriously injured and without immediate attention, he could die. The Uhuru is without a doctor and everyone must scramble to make do. CONTENT NOTE Gunshot wound, blood, field surgery, stitches, body … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 157

Orimar confronts the Red Feathers to defend a wounded Hip and the Kessler family chicken feed recipe. The others arrived on the scene but will Douglas understand that everyone is fighting on the same side? CONTENT NOTE Violence, emergency first aid for gunshot wounds, inspiration from Hollywood depictions of “voodoo,” animal throwing BACK STILLFLEET Kickstarter! … Read more