Collaborative World Building

Series 33.1 – Unbound with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor (Creation)

Welcome to the first episode of series 33, everyone! This episode, we are welcoming back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, two familiar voices for those who have heard our Heart series. This series we will be covering Unbound, a game where you build the setting along with your characters in a fairly unique way. Join us this episode as we discuss the game and start diving into world building and character creation! Read More

Character Evolution Cast E15 – Collaborative World Building with Aly Grauer and Drew Mierzejewski [Warda Podcast]

In this episode of Character Evolution Cast, we welcome Aly Grauer and Drew Mierzejewski from the Warda podcast to discuss the joys of building a world together, including some great tips on how to do it well on both sides of the table!

Read More