Skyjacks: Episode 56

Travis enjoys his first night in almost 200 years. Gable and Joinnit also enjoy the spoils of becoming local heroes. However, the celebration can only last so long. Scmallic is still caked on the hull of The Uhuru and the weather is starting to turn. CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Implied underage drinking, descriptions of characters vomiting … Read more

351. Casket Land Part 2

Ms. Hemlock, Jeremiah, Flex and Fold attend a late-night town meeting with Loam, a deathless desert hermit. Loam confronts the town of Doubletree with a startling truth that may also be an opportunity. CONTENT WARNING Descriptions of claustrophobic situations, disfigurement, and social rejection. CASKET LAND Get it here! Follow the designer SKYJACKS: COURIER’S CALL Back … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 55

Gable and Jonnit deal with the startling revelation of a mariner’s mark starting to form in Jonnit’s palm. Unfortunately, this leads them to discover an even more pressing danger. Meanwhile, Travis discovers exactly what when wrong when Gable tried to heal him. Margaret lets him know that she might be able to help with all … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 54

We flashback to the Uhuru landing in Nordia to reveal more about how the crew was able to land safely. It involves solving a mystery and meeting several new members of the crew. They learn an important lesson and I’m pretty sure alot of this will stick around and have very long-lasting implications. CONTENT WARNING … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 53

Gable and Jonnit learn the grim truth about Boginalia. Jonnit also discovers some other extremely uncomfortable truths that are much more personal. Travis and Margaret get to know one another better through the power of a spell. Travis struggles with the very simple instruction to tell the truth. CONTENT WARNING Main Show:  Drinking, sexual innuendo … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 52

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Skyjacks: Episode 51

Battered but aloft, the Uhuru takes port in a new town. But before disembarking, our crew comes to face with the consequences of their actions. CONTENT WARNING Cold Open:  Extensive pee-chat Main Show:  J*rk *ff J*rry, descriptions of severe wounds, descriptions of severe burns HELP OSN HOSTS Help OSN performers During the COVID Crisis BUY OSN … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 50

The Uhuru is listing and plummeting to the forsaken sea beneath. There are but minutes to avert their grisly fate, and our Skyjacks will need every one of them. CONTENT WARNING Main Show:  Body maiming Dear Uhuru:  “The Bird Pervert” 🙁 THE ULTIMATE RPG GAMEPLAY GUIDE Learn to play like James with his new book! OUT … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 49

A simple oversight by the Skyjacks (in the Captain’s name) leads to a series of consequences, conflicts, and threats. ALSO IN THIS EP: An update on the 10,000 piece puzzle. CONTENT WARNING Main Show:  J*rk *ff J*rry, skyship peril Dear Uhuru: The return of an unwelcome guest, light kink discussion, innuendo THE ULTIMATE RPG GAMEPLAY GUIDE Learn … Read more