352. Casket Land Part 3

To find the homestead our heroes must leave the casketland and cross through the land of The Flock. They must brave the ever-shifting tangle and whomever of The Sage Hen’s cruel followers guards the twisting brambles within. CONTENT WARNING Some wild body horror, claustrophobic situations, cult imagery CASKET LAND Get it here! Follow the designer … Read more

351. Casket Land Part 2

Ms. Hemlock, Jeremiah, Flex and Fold attend a late-night town meeting with Loam, a deathless desert hermit. Loam confronts the town of Doubletree with a startling truth that may also be an opportunity. CONTENT WARNING Descriptions of claustrophobic situations, disfigurement, and social rejection. CASKET LAND Get it here! Follow the designer SKYJACKS: COURIER’S CALL Back … Read more