Skyjacks: Episode 125

The Silver Bullet, led by Captain Armond Winchester, remains at the mercy of the victorious Uhuru crew. Captain Orimar Vale has made an offer: “Kneel to me as your king and the benevolence shall be provided.” Winchester has an answer, alongside a warning. The man who hired him is no stranger to Captain Orimar, and … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 124

After rallying from a coordinated surprise attack and mutiny to an overwhelming victory, the Captain’s Council of The Uhuru  and Orimar Vale specifically, have an important decision to make: What should they do with their contoured adversaries? This was a calculated attack, Uhuru lives were lost. They cannot appear weak. At the same time, The … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 110

The crew of the Uhuru turns N’Goni into one massive celebration with Gable running through the streets to start the festivities. They make some legally distinct friends along the way. Jonnit talks to Grace about their seemingly intertwined future and Travis talks to one of the worst members of the crew about his frustration with … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 109

After a thrilling victory for the Uhuru in the Tronado Calling, N’Goni reacts to the possibility of a new school entering contention for the calling. Meanwhile, the captain’s council untangles themselves from netting and prepares to bask in their victory. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: James slowly mentally unravels because of side-effects from a COVID vaccine, … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 107

The captain’s council enters the Tornado Calling against a team representing The Tempest Armada. Even with training from Hewano can they really hope to challenge a more experienced team? Worse yet, Travis has entered a magical contract with The Morrigan to betray Gable. With half of their payment and likely the respect of the crew … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 106

With little time left to prepare, Gable, Jonnit, and the Captain continue drilling dance techniques with Hewano in preparation for the impending tornado calling. Meanwhile, Travis continues his high stakes supernatural gambling match with The Morrigan. CONTENT NOTES Main Show: Gambling, Travis has to make a fatherhood pact COURIER’S CALL SEASON 2 Back the Kickstarter! … Read more

Episode 102

The Crew of the Uhuru must act quickly to calm a horde of angry corsairs and figure out what the feather weave they captured from The Civility is glowing gold. With Orimar still unable to speak, the crew has to rely on the persuasive power of Travis Matagot. Jonnit finishes his meringo jaunt just in … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 88

Gable, Travis, and Jonnit try to process what Dref told them as Margaret delicately tries to teach two immortals how to deal with emotions like a well-adjusted person. They discover Dref’s shelf is full of secrets that were waiting to be discovered. Some buried for nearly a century. CONTENT WARNING Main Show: Greif, guilt, justified … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 84

Pulling away from Nordia victorious, the crew of The Uhuru is alerted by the ringing of the heart bell. The Captain is calling for a Grandfire – a tradition from his homeland that calls for the exchange of stories around a massive fire. Different members of the crew are called before the fire to tell … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 26

Gable and Jonnit struggle to weigh the bids from parties interested in buying featherweave and the captain. Meanwhile, Dref and Travis are confronted by Tiberius Youngblood who appears to have a more personal interest in the Uhuru than the crew realized. CONTENT WARNINGMain Show: An underage character orders a drink (but doe not drink), home … Read more