Skyjacks: Episode 134

Gable, Wendell, and Nodoze arrive at the entrance to the cave rumored to contain a path to the mysterious and dangerous Plume Creux. They learn that the price to even begin this adventure is blood. They also learn some distressing things about the Deauxmignon economy. Before they descend, Gable is struck by another fragment of … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 133

Gable thinks back to their first day on the job and what it was like to meet an important co-worker. Also, we learn their for real actual name. All of the names they have held up to this point were fake-outs and we totally got you. Secretnames all the way down. Jonnit prepares to face … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 132

Jonnit encounters Teacher Wei, the Liquid Swords Monk who Hewano sent him to meet. Wei will decide if Jonnit can be trusted with the location of the Liquid Swords Monastery and perhaps secrets that will help him understand and control his powers as a seer. Travis is hurried along by The Forest Queen to a … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 131

The group heads off to the office of a “metaphysician” a spiritual practitioner who treats people with strange powers wrought by “science” and “pharmaceuticals.” This “doctor” has diagnoses and prescriptions for Orimar, Travis, and Jonnit- but is it what they need? CONTENT NOTE An eye does pop out of a head but it’s not violent … Read more

Skyjacks: Azure Blues Part 2

Jack tries to let Girace and Margaret get acquainted but the frustrations both have been feeling with him start to bubble up. Margaret requests some time to speak with Griace alone, hoping she might learn new insight about Jack from his trusted friend that will allow her to help him. She finds that her own … Read more

All My Fantasy Skyjacks 5

This week James, Aaron, Jeff, and Drew start by offering you a collection of romance traditions on Spéir. Then they dive fully into another prompt and discuss pearl diving uncovering a potential remedy against The Mariner’s Mark and a collection of rare elemental pearls with strange and wondrous power. HE ULTIMATE RPG GUIDE SERIES Get … Read more

All My Fantasy Skyjacks 4

? What can it do!? These are big questions. If you are a lunar fan you will not want to miss this. THE ULTIMATE RPG GUIDE SERIES Get the Worldbuilding Guide! Get the Gameplay Guide Get the Backstory Guide Get the Micro RPG Book SKYJACKS: CALL OF THE SKY SKYJACKS SETTING ZINE BLACK LIVES MATTER … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 128

With the vote complete and Orimar’s Captaincy reaffirmed, Orimar has one last thing he’s like to do before the Uhuru heads to a new port. He’ll need help from everyone in his council in order to do it. CONTENT NOTE Mild body-horror THE ULTIMATE RPG GUIDE SERIES Get the Worldbuilding Guide! Get the Gameplay Guide … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 127

With the dead tended and their spoils won, the crew of The Uhuru must re-affirm their commitment to their captain. He may have died, he may have spent months reclaiming his body, he may have been betrayed by members of his council and crew, but this victory makes one thing clear: Orimar Vale is back. … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 126

The crew of the Uhuru readies two funerals while the captain’s council participates in an impromptu gift exchange with the spoils of their recent conquest. Travis suffers a familiar but long-forgotten pain when lending the Captain a hand. Meanwhile, Jonnit and Gable find solace below deck, in their respective unexpected ways. Then, it’s time to … Read more