Mission: Accomplished!

Episode 240 – Agents of ROFL

We step away from the terrible trouble the club finds itself in, holed up in a hell full of monsters, to look back a few days earlier to see just how this hell came to be. Welcome to Barb Wexler’s Renegade Offshot for Financial Leverage. When you’re here, you’re f*****.

Episode 222 – This Meeting Could Have Been An Email, Part 2

Squirming in the hot seat, our 3 pseudonymous salamanders try to throw blame off themselves and onto each other as Moly Buttles gets ever closer to pinning down who saved the day, who lost it all, and who is perfect for middle management.

Episode 221 – This Meeting Could Have Been An Email, Part 1

At the County town hall, the Chamber of Commerce vowed to fund, sanction, and expand the Mystery County Monster Hunters’ Club. These are the results. Join Isaac Glaze, TBD, and Rutherford B. Hayes as they attempt to persuade, deflect, and deceive their way towards a promotion

279. Mission Accomplished

After thwarting a potentially world-ending crisis, a UN task force of super spies still has to go through an employee review.

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63. Mission: Accomplished! with Jeff Stormer

Jeff is back to talk about his own game this time, Mission: Accomplished! It’s about super spies, office meetings, and really coming face to face with the arcane horror that is your day job. We talk about comedy in games, designing around secret information, and the impact of having winners and losers in an RPG.

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