ReCast – Character Evolution Cast E03 – 8 Kinds of Fun with Jim McClure

On this final ReCast episode, we delve into the Character Evolution Cast backlog to pull out our interview with Jim McClure, host of the Talking Tabletop podcast, designer of Reflections and Satanic Panic and owner of Third Act Publishing to learn about how the theory of the 8 kinds of fun can help players hone … Read more

68. Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor

On this episode of Talking Tabletop, Jim interviews Grant and Chris the designers and owners of Rowan, Rook and Decard. During this episode we talk about their first trip to GenCon this year, what it’s like producing a new game every month, and we discuss their new game Heart which is on Kickstarter now. HEARTBack … Read more

279. Mission Accomplished

After thwarting a potentially world-ending crisis, a UN task force of super spies still has to go through an employee review. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Back it Here! BUY MY BOOK! Amazon Pre-Order Barnes and Noble Pre-Order TWITCH SCHEDULE Twitch Page Youtube Archive TAKE ACTION Register to Vote Find your Senators Find your Congressmen Make 5 Calls Trans … Read more