Skyjacks: Episode 178

Jonnit, Orimar, and Hipp reach the ship to find the crew struggling to free the ship from overgrowth and a siege of aggressive forest creatures. Travis struggles to return to gable with the fruit of panacea as he finds Orimar’s now living body much more difficult to push past normal limits. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 176

Members of the Uhuru crew: Pliff, Carlos, Jerk-Off Jerry, and suddenly Toku instead of Bathroom Barry are still trying to find The Uhuru and the rest of the crew. Even with a heading thanks to JO Jerry’s subdermal implant the forest has plenty of dangers to bar the way. Also, Nodoze isn’t there. Look, memory … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 175

Jonnit has successfully guided Orimar and Hipp to The Queen’s Glade. On the threshold of the impossible, they must now figure out their plan. Their mission is to see safe passage out of the forest for The Uhuru and her crew, but what price are they willing to pay? The Queen senses within Orimar, a … Read more