AcadeCon 2019 Panel – Random Characters

As we get prepped for the holiday season, this special episode takes us to our 2019 Panel at AcadeCon where Amelia and Ryan worked with the audience to create some truly memorable characters. Leave us reviews in any, or all, of these places: Character Creation Cast on Apple Podcasts (The best place to leave reviews … Read more

Character Evolution Cast E14: Convention Survival Guide

In today’s Character Evolution Cast episode, Amelia and Ryan Share their tips for making the most of your convention experience, from putting together your packing list to surviving con drop. 

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Broadswords Live! Dayton

It’s a live show! Due to events our of our control, we were unable to put up our scheduled programming, but here is a Modern Alternate Universe Rashemen adventure. Congratulations to @Canadian_Moose for winning the Dryad Gaming Co. giveaway! Music Theme: Victoria Rogers Other Music: “Northern Glade” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By … Read more