Series 55.1 – Delta Green with Justen Jess (Creation)

Welcome to the first episode of our Delta Green series, everyone! This series we have Justen Jess joining us to discuss and create characters for this mission-based game of government conspiracy and unnatural horrors! This episode we learn about the game, discuss some of the more problematic mechanics within the game, then begin creating our characters!

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Character Evolution Cast E16 – Playing in Spooky Games with Christine Prevas [Unexplored Places Podcast]

In this episode of Character Evolution Cast, we welcome Christine Prevas of the Unexplored Places podcast to discuss bringing spookiness to your game!

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54. All Things Truly Wicked

Three ten year old friends find the mutilated body of one of their classmates, and to their horror, no one will believe them. They realize, if they want to know that is going on, they will have investigate on their own. As they get deeper into this mystery they discover that they are trapped in a dark fairy tale that probably doesn’t have a happy ending.