Character Creation Spotlight – Haunted Hill Academy with Jeffrey Hayes [Designer]

Welcome to a bonus episode of Character Creation Spotlight! This episode we will be sitting down with Jeffrey Hayes to learn about, and create characters for, Haunted Hill Academy, a Fate based RPG about being a student at a mysterious boarding school!

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78. Three Rocketeers 2

The insanity continues as our brave rocketeers finish a month-long gore spattered deep cover operation disguised as cleaning nuns with a flying car chase. However our team’s unity is threatened as a love pyramid almost turns the three rocketeers into the two rocketeers.

72. Atomic Robo Part 1


Kids, I hope you have your cereal ready because game designer Mike Olsen is about to kick off Fate month by introducing us to his setting for the Atomic Robo rpg: ROBO FORCE!

If the much beloved Atomic Robo comic and GI Joe had a beautifully weird baby, this would be it.