289. Kagematsu Part 1

A small village robbed of its men by a long and brutal war attempts to lure a passing Ronin to defend their village against a mysterious threat. Also, everyone is WAY too competitive about it. KAGEMATSUBuy here! REFLECTIONSBuy here!Join the One Shot Book Club! BUY MY BOOK!Amazon Pre-OrderBarnes and Noble Pre-Order TWITCH SCHEDULETwitch PageYoutube Archive TAKE … Read more

75. Alex Roberts

In honour of the show’s third anniversary, producer Alex Sisk interviews the creator and host of Backstory. Learn about the process behind the show, how she prepares for and conducts interviews, and her plans for the future – in podcasting and beyond. Thanks for sticking with us, friends. It’s been a wonderful time. Alex’s websiteStar … Read more

73. Albert Kong

Game designer and artist Albert Kong joins us for a talk about parkour, the art of gathering, and other ways to open the potential for play in the world around you. Albert’s website Albert on Twitter Albert’s Inbox Zine Mt. Caz The We-Ness A Pattern Language Tom Sachs The Dispossessed