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Welcome to the final episode of series 52, everyone! This series, we welcome Kyle Decker to discuss his game, Under the Neighborhood, a game where you play out the curiously ordinary lives of characters in a world like you see in Hilda, Gravity Falls, The Owl House and other similar shows. This episode we discuss the process, discover a new cryptid and figure out more about our characters in the fanfic!

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Kyle Decker @Quest_Friends

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Under the Neighborhood by Kyle Decker


  • 00:00:00 – Announcements
  • 00:01:21 – Reintroductions
  • 00:07:14 – D20 for your thoughts?
  • 00:10:44 – What does Kyle look for in a good character creation system?
  • 00:14:58 – How does character creation in Under the Neighborhood stack up to other games?
  • 00:20:13 – How does the process of character creation set up expectations for play?
  • 00:26:44 – What sort of story does the character sheets tell?
  • 00:33:20 – What’s the biggest flaw/best part of character creation in this system?
  • 00:40:05 – Fanfic!
  • 00:47:09 – Take it up a level!
  • 00:55:58 – Final Thoughts
  • 00:58:21 – Episode Closer
  • 01:01:25 – Call to Action
  • 01:09:41 – Credits
  • 01:11:35 – Show Blurbs – Design Doc
  • 01:12:12 – Outtakes



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