Episode Forty Seven

Episode 47

In which the Mynock crew sneaks in to BHIKKE

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Episode Forty Six

Episode 46Despite a growing list of lethal enemies, the Mynock crew discovers a new passion: matchmaking.

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Episode Forty Five

Episode 45

In which, straight-faced, the boys try to tell a veterinary physician that Tony Vornskr weighs 400lbs and possesses greater than human intelligence.

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Campaign 45 Delayed A Week

sad clone

Hello, Heroes.

The episode that should have aired this week has some of the most complicated voice work I’ve toyed with to date. There’s still a small chunk of that voice work to be done, and I’m working to complete it.

Unfortunately, I’ve been battling a bad migraine this week. It hasn’t let up, and it makes audio work an impossibility. Since the nature of the work that remains has nothing to do with the recorded work, but is me re-recording lines I spoke in room then heavily modifying my voice, I can’t pass the torch to James to help out. I’m a bottle neck.

In the interest of preserving my own sanity (not releasing is very stressful) and making sure you hear the best product I can produce, I’m going to push 45’s release to next week. This will have the added benefit of giving the show more of a buffer so another break like this isn’t likely to happen for awhile.

I don’t like skipping weeks, especially in light of all you wonderful folks who give to us on Patreon. So, if you’re a patron, later tonight I’ll have the first Mandalore shopping ep (the best Mandalore shopping ep I think) that we couldn’t release due to audio scarring up in the archive for you to listen to.

It’s a good deal different from the episodes that aired, and I’m excited someone else gets to hear it.

Otherwise, I’ll see you next week. Thanks for bearing with us!

Much love,




Episode Forty Four

Episode 44

In which the crew of the Mynock goes through Phindian customs. Gripping, gripping stuff.

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Episode Forty Three

Episode 43

The Mynock pulls out of hyperspace and into the Phindar system as we begin A! New!! Arc!! Maybe we’ll be able to get through this one in less than half a year? Probably not!

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Episode Forty Two

Episode 42On a very special, very spooky episode of CAMPAIGN, the Mynock crew plays Dread to resolve their encroaching rabbit problem.

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Episode Forty One

Episode 41

Post-Mandalore Bottle Part 2: In which honestly very little happens.

Episode Forty

Episode 40Tuckered out from an elongated arc on Mandalore, the crew of the Mynock settles in for a lengthy coversation that takes place over not one, but TWO bottle episodes.  What excitement awaits Leenik, Bacta, Tryst, Lyntel, Tamlin, Tony, and universally beloved author Nemoidian Sparks as they snuggle into the Mynock’s limited kitchen booth space and dish out ice cream? What thrills can be found in the depths of a teacup?? Pick up you clipboard at home, and tune in to find out!

Episode Thirty Nine

Episode 39Reunited, the Mynock crew soars through the skies of Mandalore trying their darnedest to just leave this arc behind already.