Sidequest: Binbon and Jubna Episode 1

Though Binbon and Jubna have lead prosperous lives by Tatooine standards, they find themselves feeling as though they are missing something. To clear their heads and lift their spirits Jubna has brought Binbon on a work Vacation to B.H.I.K.K.E. Work Week: Phnidar.​

Episode Seventy Three


Tryst continues to deal out patience on the Wild Karrde, but can he maintain his sabacc face around an unexpected visitor? What will this array of idiots do next?

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Episode Seventy Two


Bacta does that thing, Tryst showcases his explosive temperament, and Leenik vents some stuff.

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Episode Seventy One

PHINDARIn which the crew of the Mynock celebrates coming back together by immediately splitting back up the party. GOOD JOB TEAM.

Episode Seventy


In which the crew, reunited, rolls the destiny roll, then completely ignores the game in favor of arguing with each other for the duration of the episode. It’s good to be back.

Avoiding the Empire for Fun and Profit

Campaign’s in-character panel from Gencon 2016

Episode Sixty Eight

PHINDARSand’s great! It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere!