Episode Sixty Three


In which Leenik, Bacta, and Chartreuse engage in a feat of dairy-ing do! Will they be creamed? Is everyone completely fudged?!

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Episode Sixty Two


In which I get to check “Pretend Married” off my bucket list.

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Evil Campaign Episode One

Metalorn Card

From a secret fortress concealed safely within imperial borders at the galaxy’s core, the sentinels of security keep their watch. The ISB, II, and Inquisition identify, analyze, and neutralize rebel threats to intergalactic peace.

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Episode Sixty One


A clone and a rodian walk into a bar.

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Episode Sixty

Episode 60

What better way to celebrate an increment of 10 than a slumber party?

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Episode Fifty Nine

Episode 59

Welcome to Chatsville. Chatting’s pretty cool in Chatsville. Everyone’s chatting it like it’s the latest, hippest trend in talking.

Episode Fifty Seven

Episode 57

In which half the party starts a quest line, and half the party shops.

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Sidequest: Episode Four

Sidequest Card Pepper Tupp

In the conclusion to our first sidequest, Coneman and Tupp hunt for one honest cop amidst Phindar Station’s pubs and speakeasies. Will they find their being, or is all lost?