Mike Migdal

318. Coffee Detective Part 3

Lil Bingo confronts Remmington Smuck in a jail cell with only his prison-issued crossbow (a legal requirement in the state of Florida) to defend himself. Also, the episode ends kinda early so we have plenty of bloopers from 2018 and 2019 to fill out the rest of the hour.

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2 Binbon 2 Jubna Part 6

Hassadi is an agent of the Rebel Alliance! Binbon has to consider what this means for his burgeoning feelings. Jubna struggles with the rage over what he lost while he tries to protect his friend.

2 Binbon 2 Jubna Part 5

With their assets out of the picture, Binbon and Jubna are forced to attend an Eyes-Wide-Shut-style sex party to complete the arms deal themselves.

2 Binbon 2 Jubna Part 4

Binbon and Jubna begin their mission, but are they really suited to espionage?

2 Binbon 2 Jubna Part 2

Our heroes have been rescued by childhood nightmare turned frenemy Jacinto Reth. What could Imperial Intelligence want with a former nightclub owner and low budget podracer assassin?

Jeff Stormer

2 Binbon 2 Jubna Part 1

Two years after their stay at the Surrex hotel Binbon and Jubna reconnect, but the circumstances could be better.

Jeff Stomer