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Harassment Investigation Statement

Recently an allegation was made against Pranks, one of the hosts on The One Shot Network. Upon learning of the allegation, we suspended production of Adventure, confronted Pranks about the allegations, and opened an investigation. We gathered information from the victim and the accused to establish a timeline and evaluate what happened. Upon review of […]

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Update on Harassment Allegations

Hello Heroes, As some of you are already aware, Pranks was accused of a new incident of harassment by someone posting on the ONE SHOT reddit page. This is the second accusation of misconduct against Pranks we have received in his tenure at ONE SHOT. The first incident surrounded events that took place during Prank‚Äôs […]

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One Shot Podcast

01. Rise of the Crazy Partiers

Podcast Episode

Roll for initiative! This month’s adventure is a traditional dungeon crawl run, in Paizo’s Pathfinder Role Playing System. The twist is the GM has not prepared an adventure. the Players and the GM will be generating the entire story in the moment. Let’s see how the Crazy Partiers fair in a town beset by Zombies […]

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