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Series 20.2 – Heart with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor [Designers] (Creation Continued)

This is the second episode of series 20, and we welcome back Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, designers of the game we are creating characters for today, Heart! Things get a little weird, but not too horrible, as we figure out what sort of people live for adventure down in this mysterious and horrifying setting.

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Series 20.1 – Heart with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor [Designers] (Creation)

Welcome to the first part of series 20, everyone! Today we have Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor on to discuss their latest game, Heart, which will be kickstarting soon! This game combines the setting and mechanics of Spire with some good old fashioned dungeon crawling, mixed with some truly horrifying implications, so hold onto your hats and get ready for a really interesting series!

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GenCon 2019 Recap

On today’s episode, Amelia and Ryan recap their experience at GenCon as well as reveal some more details for our current contest!

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Series 19.3 – InSpectres with Chris Foster [Play/Test]

In the third part of our small games series, Amelia and Ryan are again joined by Chris Foster of the Play/Test podcast to talk about InSpectres, a game about a ghost hunting start up.

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Character Creation Spotlight – Fiasco with Jason Morningstar

On this special bonus episode, Amelia sits down with game designer Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games to talk about the new edition of Fiasco, a game about criminal plans gone terribly wrong.

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Series 19.2 – One Last Job with Chris Foster [Play/Test]

On today’s episode, we’re continuing our small games series with Chris Foster, covering character creation for One Last Job, created by former guest of the show, Grant Howitt.

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Series 19.1 – Love and Justice with Chris Foster [Play/Test]

On today’s episode, series 19 begins with our first small game, Love and Justice by Senda Linaugh, gets a full series crammed into one episode with guest Chris Foster from the Play/Test podcast! Welcome to the first of three small games we’ll be covering this series!

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Our GenCon 2019 Schedule

This week is a week off for us as we prepare for GenCon, but if you’d like a reminder of what our schedule is, look no further! 

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Character Evolution Cast E14: Convention Survival Guide

In today’s Character Evolution Cast episode, Amelia and Ryan Share their tips for making the most of your convention experience, from putting together your packing list to surviving con drop. 

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Series 18.3 – Descent into Midnight with designers Richard and Taylor (Discussion)

On today’s episode, Series 18 wraps up with Descent into Midnight, a Powered by the Apocalypse game designed by Richard Kreutz-Landry, Taylor LaBresh and Rich Howard. We welcome back Richard and Taylor this episode and plunge into the deep end to discuss the character creation process and even delve into some fanfic with our own characters.

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