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Welcome to the final episode of series 50, everyone! This series, we welcome Aram and Dylan from the Kill Every Monster Podcast, to revisit Dungeons and Dragons 5E by utilizing supplements to enhance your games. This episode we discuss how the process went and try to make sense of whatever this was in our fanfic portion!


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Aram Vartian @AramVartian


Dylan Malenfant @DJMalenfant


Kill Every Monster @KEMPodcast

Games and Tools discussed this episode:

Dungeons and Dragons 5E:


D&D Beyond:


Monsters of the Multiverse (Orc Ancestry):


Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica (Loxodon Ancestry):


Tales of Arcana 5e Race Guide (Hologod and Vroom vroom Ancestries):


Planet Apocalypse (Blood of the Lost Sorcerer Variant):


Nightfell (Rogue Variant, Backgrounds):


Dragon Stew (Baker Background)


  • 00:00:00 – Announcements
  • 00:07:39 – Reintroductions
  • 00:15:07 – D20 for your thoughts?
  • 00:28:09 – What does a system need to have to make great characters?
  • 00:33:28 – How did using the supllements compare to not?
  • 00:48:18 – How does using these supplements set expectations for play?
  • 00:55:30 – What story does the character sheet still tell us with all these supplements?
  • 01:05:12 – What’s one of the biggest flaws of character creation using these supplements and what’s the best part?
  • 01:17:19 – Fanfic!
  • 01:39:28 – Take it up a level!
  • 01:45:27 – Final thoughts
  • 01:51:34 – Episode Closer
  • 01:52:53 – Call to Action
  • 01:57:54 – Credits
  • 01:59:49 – Show Blurbs – Asians Represent
  • 02:00:29 – Outtakes



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