CROSSOVER: Queens of Adventure x NeoScum: Ep 2

It’s part two of the NeoScum x Queens of Adventure crossover event led by DM Matt Baume! This time, Dak, Pox, and, uh, “Amon Doole IIII” (it’s Gannon) ALSO conspire to escape an unfamiliar land with the help of new friends and comrades, Arson Nicki and Fox E. Kim. Queens of Adventure is an ongoing Dungeons & Dragons story … Read more

341. Minimum Rage Part 1

Electric Flames is a downtown institution with some of the best drag in the city. Who cares if it’s technically illegal and partially patronized by monsters from a nether realm? When the girls who run the joint are tasked by Mother to care for a strange old leather bound book just before a huge pageant … Read more