78. Lauren McManamon

Game designer and wandering Kiwi Lauren McManamon talks about applying discursive analysis to the gaming table, roleplaying desire, and the strange birds that help us get through it all. We also discuss Lauren’s academic work on the treatment of sexual assault complainants in the legal system, so please take care if and when you decide to listen.

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Episode 2: Implicit Theories of GMing

The Session Zero duo explore the rules and expectations that are often placed upon the person who sits at the head of the gaming table: the gamemaster.  You can go to the following URLs or research articles to learn about some of the topics discussed in this episode:Schema: https://www.psychologistworld.com/memory/schema-memorySchema: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schema_(psychology)Implicit Person Theory: https://psychology.iresearchnet.com/industrial-organizational-psychology/leadership-and-management/implicit-theory-of-leadership/Implicit Person Theory: Chiu, C., Hong, … Read more