Episode 102

The Crew of the Uhuru must act quickly to calm a horde of angry corsairs and figure out what the feather weave they captured from The Civility is glowing gold. With Orimar still unable to speak, the crew has to rely on the persuasive power of Travis Matagot. Jonnit finishes his meringo jaunt just in … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 101

Jonnit goes cool teen dancing with Grace and Janni while trying to master a meringo. Meanwhile, the rest of the Uhuru crew begins the formal exchange with representatives of The Tempest Armada. Both of these activities surely go absolutely fine with no unforeseen problems. CONTENT NOTE Main Show:  teen social situations,  mild teen romantic tension, … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 100

Gable discovers they have more in common with Cu than they’d like, and that challenging people to fights is not always the best idea. Travis takes an opportunity to make himself the center of attention. While Jonnit tries to unpack the things he saw about Grace. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Drinking, fighting, violence, mild body … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 99

The Uhuru Captain’s council is presented with an interesting problem: politically it would be convenient for them to make nice with the crew of The Glas, but they just don’t like them! Also, there might be a pig butt involved. Gable tries to settle their score with Cú Chulainn, Travis makes some wagers, and Jonnit … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 98

Jonnit, Gable, and Travis take some time after their somewhat eventful conversations early in the day to clean more of Dref’s office. They receive an unexpected invitation to an event that takes place just before the exchange in the evening. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: We mention Dref and sometimes that makes people sad, sibling baggage, ruthless … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 97

Jonnit continues his brunch with The Bandit Queen and she gives him unexpected news about someone close to him after judging him worthy. Meanwhile, Gable follows through with a request Margaret made of them before she departed. Travis finally talks about the things that listeners have been screaming about for weeks. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Making … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 96

Orimar grills Gable, Travis, and Jonnit over their decision to use his body to mask his death and control his ship. Each one must explain what drove their deception and begin the task of trying to make amends. This calls for them to confront uncomfortable truths. Jonnit is called before, The Bandit Queen who seems … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 95

Gable, Travis, and Jonnit reach out to the Captain in order to offer a difficult apology. Meanwhile, the captain— despite being in control of his body— struggles with the limitations auto-necromancy places on his ability to express himself. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Person struggling with motor control, allusion to underage drinking Dear Uhuru: Accent work (German) SKYJACKS: … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 94

Gable, Jonnit, and Travis finally manage to find Spit. He does understand Orimar better than anyone else on the crew, but they’ll need to prove to him that they have Orimar’s best interests at heart. Which might be difficult because he’s unwinding a bit too much. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Psychadellics, betrayal, anger, pervert sign Dear … Read more

Skyjacks: Episode 93

The Captain’s council meet with Liuto and learns about the past between Captain Orimar and The Bandit Queen. With so much at stake, they decide it would be best to learn as much as they can about their employer before heading into this meeting. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: We have to learn about the places spit … Read more