Banana Chan

Character Creation Spotlight – E19 – Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes with Banana Chan and Michael Addison [Designers]

Welcome to a bonus Spotlight episode, everyone! This episode we have Michael Addison and Banana Chan joining us to discuss and create characters for Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes, a game where you play in a rock-n-roll dystopia as misfit outlaws that fight the Powers That Be! Kickstarting October 4th, 2022! Read More

Character Creation Spotlight E15 – Deimos Academy with Austin Taylor and Amanda Kahl [Designers]

Welcome to a bonus Character Creation Spotlight episode 15, everyone! This episode, we welcome Austin Taylor and Amanda Kahl, to learn about the game they are designing along with Banana Chan, Deimos Academy, a horror RPG set in a spooky boarding school that is played with a coloring book and paper dolls! This episode we learn about the game, figure out some details about our school, and make our supernaturally powered students returning for a mysterious 15 year reunion! Read More