Mystery County Monster Hunters Club

Episode 323 – You’ll Always Be My Furby

While the Knutts “Brothers” save the world yet again, Mizz Wexler’s conspiracy board of the Club’s romantic entanglements is laid bare. As is Shamanda’s endurance as an Empath, Krashlee’s flirting technique, and Adam’s relationship with the postal service.

Episode 322 – Mystery County Lonely Hearts Club

No traps are set but the Club does take debate. The sudden plot appearance of the Countess von Haverford makes waves. Derrk Pflifer puts the pieces together on his relationship with Krashlee and is completely dead wrong.

Episode 321 – Throw Down in Trash Town

Time 2 a2ne 2 the magic 2 undo the spell and turn everyone back in2 their normal selves. The only hangup… whether or not Principal Norton wants 2

Episode 320 – Battle of the Barge

The comic book showdown begins! The Club racks up the feels and tropes as they tumble the rest of the way down into the altered reality of the Administrator’s wish.

Episode 319 – Short Circuit City

The club works as quick as they can to prevent losing Shamanda to the super-hero lifestyle…and Adam to the depravity of self confide– er… villainy. Also, can Circuit City survive the streak of franchise destruction in Haverford?

Episode 318 – The Not So Secret Life of Krashlee Grenadine

The descent of Mystery County into comic book madness continues with Susan and Krashlee as the only Club members that can avoid getting sucked into the genre. Well… So far.

Episode 317 – Detective Comics #27: The Case of the Missing Scantrons

Dawn breaks over a town living free under the protection of The Administrator! It’s a day of recreating recipes just like mom used to make. Except in this case “mom” is mad science or the necronomicon. Also the triumphant return of Hell’s best crowd work comedian!

Episode 316 – The Administrator: Man of Steel (Filing Cabinets)

Faster than a speeding budget, more powerful than a local votive, and can snip the biggest red tape in a single bound… it’s THE ADMINISTRATOR!

Episode 315 – Love and Basketball and Monsters

It’s a brand new school year and Susan is back in her adult body. What could possibly go wrong! What’s that? Everything? Everything can go wrong?

Episode 314 – My Best Friend’s Monkey, Part 2

Special guest Waleed Mansour pursues justice as a classically-trained monkey who just wants his real body back, while the teenagers who’ve taken him in squabble, panic, and generally make a mess.