The Mynock

The Campaign Podcast.

Episode Ninety Four

In which we finally earn our explicit rating.

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Episode Ninety Three

In which the boys are no better than they should be.

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Episode Ninety Two

It’s time for a new plan and quick, but will the Mynock crew be able to capture … on purpose?

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Episode Ninety

The crew of the Mynock has some shower thoughts.

Episode Eighty Nine

GURT EXPECTATIONS! The crew of the Mynock executes its plan of larceny through seduction. Can they pull off subterfuge, or will they be left high and Drine?

Episode Eighty Eight

An awkward conversation with an astromech ensues. Will Lyn and the boys make a new friend? Or are they simply mala-droid?

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Episode Eighty Seven

As usual for the Mynock, the Garbage will do. Will they Dianoga another day? Or will they die as they lived – covered in trash?

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