109. Numenera Part 1

Podcast Episode

An odd band of travelers are on a journey to investigate the mysteries of the Ninth World. They find themselves just past the mountains that separate The Steadfast from the largely uncivilized western part of the Numenera super-continent. Now on the wandering walk our heroes must attempt to understand the wonders they behold.​

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Valorcon October 16-18
Metatopia November 5-8Acadecon November 13-15

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2 Responses to 109. Numenera Part 1

  1. Otto August 18, 2015 at 6:09 am #

    I have GM’d this adventure in Numenera with two different parties so it’s gonna be fun to hear a completely different set of roleplayer play it.

    Also I might just not have heard it but what are the “adjective” “noun” and “verb” of all the party members?


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