Game designer and co-creator of She’s a Super Geek, Senda Linaugh, talks gaming, creativity, and community connection. Content note for discussion of abusive relationships.

Senda on Twitter
She’s a Super Geek
Pandas Talking Games
Love & Justice
We Can Once More Ascend
Senda on Gnome Stew 

About the Author
Alex Roberts is a powerful force of unstoppable role-playing enthusiasm. She designs games, and writes about them sometimes, too. She is good at twitter.

One comment on “72. Senda Linaugh

  1. Tim says:

    That’s some deep epic stuff. Senda is a legend for being open and brave enough to just spill about so much personal vulnerable stuff so that we all might be able to get some perspective, reassurance and inspiration in our own lives and struggles.
    Also a brilliant podcaster and game designer, for all the reasons revealed and highlighted here.
    Final props go to Alex for that legendary cliff-hanger and perfect shill for the Patreon ^_^ – that made laugh and immediately look at backing. Perfectly executed.

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